About Us - Social Reporting Tools

In the spring of 2018, our team, wanted to know how many people were reached by post about a topic on Instagram.

As they talked to more people, it turned out that other people wanted to track Instagram posts, too. So we launched a simple site where anyone could get a report of recent Instagram activity. SocialReportingTools was born.

We're a full active team, meaning that we'll be fixing bugs and replying to your questions every day. SocialReportingTools offers you, as a business owner, the opportunity to collect information about your posts and likes and comments and etc.

we want to provide data for your business and suggest you best way to grow up your instagram accounts . In fact, few businesses make money directly off of their presence on the Instagram platform.

Unless you’re getting paid for promotions and shout-outs, either. More than 15 million businesses now use Instagram as a marketing tool.We grow our understanding of the customer experience so that we can improve it.

You can contact SocialReportingTools by email to [email protected]