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What information you give by free instagram analytics tool:
Managing an Instagram account takes careful planning and consideration. Not only do the images and copy have to be captivating, but there needs to be great awareness about who the target audience is, what they like and when they want to see it.
This website is 100% free for your Instagram review and statistic and latest posts analytics.

Basic Information:

Instagram Analytics summary

Basic information shows the summary about your profile on Instagram or peek into competitor.This statistic presents a ranking of your Instagram accounts.
In the finally, You can see photos and videos stats.

Posts Stats:

Instagram Analytics posts stats

* We analytics your account and you get separate videos and posts stats.

Do your posts have all the right elements that another people use content relevance and quality? SocialReportingTools looks at your posts top to bottom to determine how well users can read it:

  • Videos Stats
  • Videos Average Liked
  • Videos Min Liked
  • Videos Max Liked
  • Photos Stats
  • Photos Average Liked
  • Photos Min Liked
  • Photos Max Liked

Posts Analytics:

Instagram Analytics posts stats

If you have public account on Instagram, you can see posts stats.Fastest and most accurate followers analyitics tool for Instagram.

  • Posts Analytics
  • Published Date
  • Link to your post
  • Comments stats
  • Audience Post( The percentage of your following that interacts with your posts )
  • Grade ( The grade of your post by liked with your followers )
  • Hashtag stats
  • Mention stats
  • Chart Posts Analytics

Days Stats:

Instagram Analytics posts stats

This analytics screen shows posts insights for during at the week and comparison stats . You can view your sum liked, reach day post, count posted, and best post.

  • Week days
  • Sum liked per day
  • Count Published posts per day
  • Average Liked per day
  • Find Best Posts ( )

Hours Stats:

Instagram Analytics posts stats

Have you ever asked yourself when it’s the best time to post on Instagram? That's not fixed time for everyone. You can find your best time with this tools.
you can find which hours are best to posts on your instagram with the best audience.

  • Active clock
  • Count posted
  • Audience
  • Best Time ( )

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