How much you can make money on Instagram?

The Instagram Money Calculator is a free tool and allows you to calculate estimated makings money for some accounts on Instagram, We analysis followers, Engagement and audience and return results. CPC is different from countries then you can select Your followers from somewhere and return better results.

How to Use Instagram money calculator?

  • First enter your account
  • If you know most followers from country, You can select country

Country of Particular Concern (CPC) is a designation by the United States Secretary of State so CP is different for your country. You can choose which country your followers are from and get the best result.

why do you need to this tool?

sometimes you need to compare some accounts to pay money to advertise or You have created good accounts on Instagram and you should get ads then you need to calculate how much earning or paying money? The number of followers alone is not important. Some accounts on Instagram has many followers but engagement is very low, so are accounting good for your ads?
Suppose if one account has 500K followers and engagements have less than 2% then this account equal another account with 100K followers and 10% engagements, But when paying money, the price of the first account is more expensive.

How does this tool work?

at the first, We calculate the number of Followers then We calculate the value of user engagement then we perform precise numerical calculations on each post, at the end if you choose the country, we plus country value. This result has an estimated for each ads post.

what is your average engagement?

Engagement is defined as any time as a user likes or comments on one of your posts. We analyzed more 1 million accounts on Instagram and when you have less than 1,000 followers your engagement is 8% but less than 100K followers your engagement is 2.4% and more than 100K engagement is 1.7% but this information is average between Personal accounts and business accounts and this is estimated.

Instagram money calculator, Cristiano Ronaldo stats

Top highest-paid Celebrity On Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo has one of the most followers on Instagram, Actually First male. Cristiano Ronaldo earns a staggering between 180000 to 241000 dollars every time he posts a picture on Instagram And The Juventus star is the highest-earning male on the planet when it comes to sharing sponsored photos on Instagram, now I talk about Selena Gomez, she is not on the influencer list, but is the most followed person on Instagram more than 142M Followers with 3.42% engagement. She has posted 1,468 yet. Selena estimated $550,000 per post. Selena Gomez is the highest-paid celebrity on Instagram.

Country cost : What are your followers more than which country is? It's important for sponsored so in the continue we talk about this. Some countries with most costs for you are America, Emirates, Australia and Europe countries same as France or England.

Would you like to calculate how much can earn money on Instagram?
You can go to website and in the top menu choice, Instagram then Calculate Instagram make money after that you enter your Instagram username in the user text box and if you know what is follower's country you can select!
After that submitting the form and get your result.